Sunday, 3 May 2009

ireland world champions @ A1 GP

First it was the 6-Nations at all island sporting triumph.

Now Team Ireland, a fantastic all-island initiative with Portadown's Adam Carroll at the wheel and Mark Gallagher at the helm, wins the A1 GP World Title at Brands Hatch today.

Mark Gallagher is principally known for his 9 years working as part of the senior management team at Eddie Jordan’s Formula One team and subsequently head of sponsorship for Jaguar/RedBull Racing. Widely respected within the industry Mark now heads his own sports management company.

Adam Carroll was until recently a F1 test driver for Honda (which has morphed into early season leaders Brawn GP) and must now be destined for Formula 1 with the new cost cutting rule changes likely to lead to the introduction of new teams - speculation suggests both Lola and Dave Richards of Prodrive are preparing an onslaught.

Whatever the future holds, we are delighted to see the hard work pay off and Team Ireland get the success it deserves.

As one of the team that brought WRC Rally Ireland to the island, creating a worldwide TV spectacular at Parliament Buildings in Stormont in Novermber 2007, I think it would be great to see a PROPER motor racing circuit built on the island.

This could attract the best events and underpin the engineering heritage and the jobs of thousands of Irish (north & south) employed in this cutting edge crucible of technology - including important R&D into environmental and road safety technology.   

Proud to be Irish!

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